Please find answers to several FAQs below.

How you differentiate Regular & Buy Out purchase options?

With this option you get a website at cheaper price with your own logo and color-scheme which can be installed on your own hosting or our free hosting can be used. However, same product will remain in store for sell.

Buy Out:
With this option you get a website at little higher price with your own logo and color-scheme which can be installed on your own hosting or our free hosting can be used. And we will remove product from our store for further sell.

Do I need to create new website myself?

No, we are done with hard work and created premium websites for you, you just need to choose a website you like and we will do free installation for you. Forget about images you see in demo website, those might not related to nature of your business, images can be changed easily.

Is there any contract?

No, there is no contract at all.

Is there any extra payment for hosting?

No, Free lighting fast and secure hosting comes with your new website. However, you have option to host your website on your own hosting. It can be hosted by you or by us.

Is email address/account included?

Yes, you get a free email address/account with a new website if you choose to host with us. However, you can host your email somewhere else.

Is there any admin control panel?

Yes, website comes with super easy admin control panel which allows you to change logo, images, videos and edit content with it’s simple and faster process, easy as 123. You will have full control over website to manage images, content, etc. No technical knowledge required.

Can I get refund if I change my mind?

Once product is purchased it will be deemed used and is not refundable.

What happens to my old website?

Your old website won’t be affected (if any). You can revert back to it at any time if you want. But we assure you, you won’t even think about it because you will love your new website.

Shall my emails be affected?

No, your existing emails shall not be affected at all (if any) so just relax, go ahead and get your new website.

How to set up new website I have no Idea about it?

Don’t worry at all, we will do free installation and free database setup for you.

How much I need to pay for a new website?

Kindly check product detail page for pricing.

Are there any additional or hidden charges?

No, there are no additional or hidden charges for a new website you see in demo.

What is the process?

Step 1) — Choose website you like, tell us your favorite color, send us your logo (if any) and make payment.

Step 2) — We’ll add your color to match your color scheme, add your logo (if any) and Install website.

Step 3) — We’ll share website and admin link where you can easily change your images and content.

Step 4) — Done! Start using your brand new beautiful website and inform your customers proudly about it.

Is there any temporary link where I can access my new website?

Yes. We will send you a sub-domain link when payment is received, using that link you can access your new website, if your domain is not purchased or you are not ready to go live yet.

Can I use that link to add images and content in my new website?

Yes absolutely. You can use that temporary link to access admin control panel of your new website to add images, content, create blog, etc, before you go live on your own domain.

What if, I am too busy and can’t even add images and content?

If you are just too busy and can’t even change images and content, no worries at all, just sit back and relax, we can add your content and images in your new website for a minimal service charge.

What about domain?

If you already own a domain name which is associated with your old outdated website, or you are buying new domain yourself, in both cases you don’t need to pay us anything for domain. But if you ask us to buy new domain for you, then .com domain usually costs around $12 per year.

When I can go live with my own domain?

You can go live when you are ready, just let us know before 24 hours (in some cases 3 working days) and we will do needful.

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